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The Oklahoma Certified Florist (OCF) certification program consists of eight intensive courses offered over a one year period with a comprehensive final examination given at the annual Oklahoma State Florists’ Association conference. The location and scheduling of classes alternate between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Any student can begin the program at any point during the year, but must complete and pass all eight courses before taking the final exam. If a student misses a class, he/she must wait until the missed course is offered again. You will have three years to complete the program. Courses include:

  • Basic Design Techniques
  • Care and Handling of Floral Products
  • Daily Shop Operations
  • Flowers to Wear
  • Marketing for the Retail Florist
  • Principles of Design
  • Sympathy Design
  • Wedding Flowers to Carry

One-day class sessions of the OCF program include two courses required for certification. One course includes a lecture session with a written examination at the conclusion of the course; the other course includes hands-on demonstrations concluded with the student’s floral design evaluation. Each class is approximately three to four hours with a lunch break between classes. Students must successfully pass each class scoring 80 percent or higher for each test/evaluation. If a student fails, they must retake the course. Lecture courses may be re-taken free of charge; hands-on courses require a $25.00 fee to cover materials.

To enroll in the OCF program, you must have experience in the floral industry. This is not a basic entry-level program. Because of the fast pace and amount of information presented in each class, we recommend that you possess the basic design skills and knowledge of floral design (i.e., basic wiring techniques, bow-tying skills, flower identification, everyday basic design skills.)

To learn more about the OCF certification programs or to enroll, e-mail osfa@factor110.com.